If you are in real estate or property development (or a company of architects for that matter) why not give us the opportunity to provide a modelmaking quotation for your project? 

We are based in the United Kingdom, but modern communications and high speed international shipping facilities naturally mean that we can supply your requirements anywhere in the world.


Why Architectural Models?

No computer generated ‘walk thru’ of a real estate projects can ever hope to match the appeal and spontaneous response of a well crafted and informative scale model supplied with or without associated landscaping. 

The ability of a model to instantly portray the whole extent of the project at one level, and/or alternatively to convey particular construction detailing at the other, is unmatched by any other architectural presentation process.

There is also something psychologically attractive about the Lilliputian detailing that appeals to the small boy (or girl) in all of us.  Study the visitors viewing patterns on a real estate exhibition stand that includes a well-crafted architectural model and it will soon be apparent that the model is inevitably the centre of attraction of the whole display.

The Models Themselves

All the latest materials and techniques are used by us to produce high quality architectural display models of real estate/property developments. 

Starting at the most basic level with the materials that we use.  Unlike some of our competitors who still persist in using unstable materials such as wood or card, all our architectural models are built using the most durable and up-to-date epoxy, thermoset and thermoplastic materials for longterm durability.  These are combined with steel or brass where metal is required for strength or aesthetic reasons.

In-house vacuum casting facilities enable cost-effective replication of repetitious components and one of our associated companies provides laser cutting and etching facilities as an alternative means of reproducing fine and time-consuming detail.

All this, coupled naturally with pure traditional modelmaking skills (our two main associates have a combined 80+ years of commercial modelmaking experience!), means that we can produce results on a par with the best.

Most importantly, we have low overheads and a flexible reliable approach to business that means we can compete price-wise most favourably against larger modelmaking concerns world-wide.  So you have nothing to lose by asking us to provide a comparative quotation to that of your usual modelmaker.

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